Over 50 years, undergraduate women have left an indelible imprint on Our Lady's University. Their contributions span every aspect of University life, from academics to athletics, to extracurricular activities. With each new achievement reached and each new milestone passed, women have helped to build a legacy that all future Notre Dame students aspire to and cherish. 

Alumnae 600

More than 36,800 Alumnae


325 Undergraduate Women Enrolled

3 Residence Halls


4,346 Undergraduate Women Enrolled

16 Residence Halls

Rhodes Scholars

  • Teresa Doering-Lewis ’86
  • Eva Rzepniewski ’97
  • Emily Mediate ’15
  • Grace Watkins ’17
  • Alexis Doyle ’17
  • MacKenzie Isaac ’22
Headshot of Teresa Doering-Lewis Headshot of Eva Rzepniewski Headshot of Emily Mediate Headshot of Grace Watkins Headshot of Alexis Doyle Headshot of MacKenzie Isaac

More than 2,500 Monogram Winners


20 Valedictorians


9 Student Body


38 National Championships


30 Olympic Athletes


13 Varsity Sports

Headshot of Marissa Koscielski

"I came to Notre Dame because of its mission — that our education here becomes service to justice." Marissa Koscielski ’17, ’18M.S.
Fighting to Help Others Walk Again

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Notre Dame Army ROTC Program

After 1977, 240 undergraduate women were commissioned to the program.

Notre Dame cadet Nicole Butler was announced the Army ROTC student of the year, an award to honor ROTC seniors from across the country who demonstrate leadership, scholarship, service and military excellence.

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A female facing away from the camera stands in front of a group of people all in military stance.

Fighting For

The following undergraduate women were featured in the University's award-winning "What Would You Fight For?" series, which airs at halftime of home football game broadcasts.