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While women had always played pivotal roles at Notre Dame since its founding, the first classes admitted in 1972 ushered in profound transformation at the University. We hope the publications below will provide additional information about the admittance of undergraduate women and their experiences on campus.

  1. Notre Dame Cheerleading

    Lynnette Wukie: the Right Person for the Job

    Author: Lynnette Wukie
    Published: 2022-01-24

  2. The Women of Past Presence

    Author: Kathleen Sprows Cummings '99 Ph.D.
    Published: 2021-12-01

  3. Scholastic

    40th Anniversary of PW and PE

    Author: Megan Kelleher
    Published: 2021-11-11

  4. Scholastic

    50 Years of Women at Notre Dame

    Author: Genevieve Redsten
    Published: 2021-09-24

  5. ND Stories

    New Frontiers

    Author: Carrie Gates
    Published: 2017-06-01

  6. Notre Dame Magazine

    Going co-ed

    Author: Rev. Tom Blantz, C.S.C, '57, '63 M.A.
    Published: 2013-01-22

  7. Notre Dame Magazine

    The Brave Ones

    Author: Jeanine Sterling
    Published: 2013-01-22

  8. Notre Dame Magazine

    A tangled transfer

    Author: Ann Therese Darin Palmer
    Published: 2013-01-21

  9. Monogram Club

    Firsts and Championships in Women's Athletics

    Author: ND Monogram Club
    Published: 2006-11-27

  10. Notre Dame Magazine

    Beginning to Belong

    Author: Kerry Temple, '74
    Published: 1982-05-01

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